Welcome! – ようこそ!

With this blog, I would be delighted if anyone could find answers to some of their questions about flying to Japan. There are obviously a few things you have to think about before leaving to any country. I would like to share as many experiences of my trips as I can, because I’m sure it would be helpful to have some facts, numbers, prices, etc… in order to know how to get the best out of your money and time. In fact, I have been travelling to Japan since my very early days. I was born there, but grew up in Switzerland, so I have been coming back and forth about once a year for the past 21 years. I’m so grateful because many people helped me in the process, and I think it’s comforting to know that someone had to face your problem before you.

I plan on dividing this blog in several categories, so that anyone can easily find the information they’re interested in. This list may change along with the evolution of the blog, but here are the temporary topics I’d like to talk about:

  • How to get prepared?
    In this type of articles, I will talk about all the administrative issues I had to take care of to go there, like how to find a place to stay, etc…

  • Tourism in Japan
    I study tourism, so I might write some articles in link with what I learn as well! And besides, there are so much to visit there.

  • Artistic culture of Japan
    While I was there, I had the chance to discover a lot more about the music, cinema, television and anime than I used to know. It’s interesting to observe some major difference with the occidental arts.

  • Cultural confrontation
    As stated before, having been raised in a double cultured family wasn’t easy. But it made me observe and experience funny (most of the times) situations when two totally different culture meet.





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